Top-End Performance Dyno Power League

Top-End Performance Power League

Hosted By TopGear Stockport 

Dyno Power League : TopGear Stockport Hosts the only Dyno / Rolling Road Power League in the UK. The Top-End Power League started in February 2016 and has proven very popular among the die hard car enthusiasts. We run every first Thursday of the month from 4.00pm to late. Please be advised always book in advance to avoid disappointment although we always try to run all cars in the night some nights have been too busy to get all cars on in the past.

  • To Book call 01614948343
  • Prices for League members is £60.00 Yearly paid sign on fee which includes your first 3 runs and a 1/4Mile Shoot out. Then you can run as much as you like all year round on League days for just £25.00 the lowest dyno power run price in the UK.
  • 1/4 Mile Runs are charged at £25.oo for league members
  • 1/4 Mile Run for League members also running a dyno power run just £10.00 extra.

The Test are carried out on the very latest Dyno Developments Precision 2wd rolling road capable upwards of 1200 HP. All league runners will receive a printed copy of the vehicles bhp and torque figures. Participants of the Top-end League nights can also enter into the 1/4 mile shoot out New for 2017.

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Top-End Performance Power Updated Monthly

1/4 mile Shoot out new for 2017

More details to follow soon….



Hi Guys Here are the Power League Results

RWD Petrol Class Forced Induction

1. Matthew Bell BMW 335i 759.4HP / 1007.9NM

2. Frank Loughlin M3 581HP / 652NM

3. Sam Cuthbert BMW 135i 563.9HP / 681.3NM

4. Steven Knott Nissan 200SX 547HP / 657.5NM

5. Craig Baxter Mazda RX7 545.6HP / 597.5NM

6. Richard Hepworth E46 M3 S/C 545HP / 524.6NM

7. Andrew Smith Honda S2000 480.9HP / 430.4NM

8. Lee Conlett BMW M3 454.5HP / 530.4NM

9. Danny BMW M140i 400.2HP / 593.7NM

10. Adrian Moore Mazda RX7 379.8HP / 442.2NM

RWD Petrol Class N/A

1. Ryan Merc C63 474.0HP / 574.4NM

2. Big T BMW M3 450.4HP / 467.5NM

3. Harry Singh Merc C63 440HP / 563.2NM

4. Mark Bibby Merc C63 421.9HP / 494.7NM

5. Ian Bond Merc C63 396.5HP / 518.8NM

6. Richard Hepworth BMW M3 370HP / 375.5NM

7. James Houston 370Z 341.9HP / 375.1NM

8. George Hough BMW 328 LW 232.5HP

9. Andrew Sowden MG MGF 119.4HP / 168.2NM

FWD Petrol Class Forced Induction

1. Danny Laz FK2 Civic Type R 369.8HP / 507.7NM

2. Dean VW Golf 1.8T 340HP / 468.1NM

3. Chris O’Brian Vauxhall Corsa Turbo 326.1HP / 413.5NM

4. Mitchell Bowman Ford Fiesta ST180 322.6HP / 372.9NM

5. Peter Brinson FK2 Civic Type R 320.3HP / 437.1NM

6. Chris Wright Focus ST 301.5HP / 411.9NM

7. Simon Vauxhall Astra VXR 301.3HP / 498.3NM

8. Danny Leech Mini GP 292.5HP / 413.1NM

9. James White Volvo T4 S40 Turbo 277.8HP / 428NM

10. Chris Tate Focus ST 273.2HP / 468.5NM

FWD Petrol Class N/A

1. Azib Ahmed Honda Integra 258.4HP / 229.3NM

2. Paul Whelan Honda Civic Type R 231.3HP / 199.6NM

3. Jay Lee Integra DC5 221.1HP / 218.9NM

4. Munjur Integra Type R K20 Swap 215.2HP / 209.2

5. James Smith Honda Civic Type R 213.7HP /202.9NM

6. Rick Spregg Honda Civic Type R 210HP / 205.3NM

7. Iqbal Integra Type R 206.1HP / 190.2NM

8. Ahmed Integra Type R 204.2HP / 197.6NM

9.Paul Lee Honda Accord Type R 204HP / 210.7NM

10. Ahmed Integra Type R 203.3HP / 183.9NM

RWD Diesel Class

1. John Barnes BMW 335d 393.7HP / 811.6NM

2. Chris Leigh BMW 335D 383.6HP / 878NM

3. Kingy BMW 335d 332.2HP

4. Suleiman Khan 535D 330HP / 688.3NM

5. Reece BMW 525d 313.1HP / 643.3NM

6. Ammar Ahmed 330D 299.7HP / 601.7NM

7. Dean Gardner 290.4HP / 748.4NM

8. Mike BMW 123d 257.4HP / 359.4 ft/lb

9. Shaun Owens BMW 330d 248.6HP / 546.7NM

10. Daniel Leech BMW 120D 244.4HP / 555.1NM

FWD Diesel Class

1. Dom Donnell Seat Leon 242.8HP / 454.7NM

2. Aaron Boothe Saab 9-3 227.1HP / 508.9NM

3. Ben Gorczycg Volvo V60 222.7HP / 453.5NM

4. Alex Vosy Volvo C30 207.2HP / 352.2NM

5. Shahzad Riaz Seat Leon 197.6HP / 432.2NM

6. Richard Birchall Seat Leon 195.6HP / 447.1NM

7. Liam Allen VW Golf GTD 190.4HP / 413.3NM

8. Simon Allen VW Golf GTD 188.3HP / 421.3NM

9. Doug Shields VW Golf GTD174.8HP / 364.1NM

10. Richard Daniels Mitsubishi Lancer 174.7HP / 419.5NM