Off Road 4×4 Exhaust systems

If you are looking for a stainless steel exhaust system for your off road 4×4, Longlife is an experienced exhaust system builder working with stainless steel based in Manchester UK . We offer the following systems and much more. Bespoke, classic, Off Road and performance exhaust road 4x4 land rover

We have the expertise to carry out any off road 4×4 exhaust replacement All Stainless Steel exhaust systems come with a lifetime of ownership guarantee.

All exhausts covered

Perhaps you need an exhaust for a grey import 4×4, or maybe you have recently converted to LPG. Or it could be that you are after a fashionable dual exit upgrade. Whatever your exhaust needs, choosing Longlife is a sure-fire way of getting the job done properly.

Experience and expertise

Skilled technicians are fully trained and equipped to tackle  exhaust system replacement for all 4×4 vehicles.

Longlife Exhausts benefits from over 30 years in the exhausts industry, resulting in an unequaled knowledge covering all types of vehicle and exhaust system.

We can build almost any bespoke part you may need for your off roader, Sump guards and brace bars have been quite popular over the past few years along with light bars and side bars or rock bars.

Rock / slide bars can also be made in house using CDS steel tubing this helps project bodywork from rocks and large scraps.

Off Roader 4×4 Side Exit high rear ground clearance systems.

Side exit high ground clearance exhaust systems on many Land Rovers and Range Rovers call to discuses your requirements.

This involves us bringing the tailpipe of the exhaust system on the Land Rovers though the rear near side quarter panel. Finishing the panel with an out rolled trim or a laser cut stainless steel plate.

This modification greatly improves rear ground clearance by removing the rear silencer / muffler and pipework.


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