Injector Dynamics

Are you looking for the absolute best injectors you can buy?

Whether a tuner, or an end user the best thing you can do is educate yourself.

What qualities and specifications define “the best injector?” What injector data do you absolutely need to insure a consistent tune? How will the dynamic response of the injector affect the idle quality and high duty cycle performance?

We offer a tremendous amount of technical information and data with our products to help you answer these questions.

Take some time to look around and we think our quality and unmatched technical expertise will win you over.

We currently offer 4 models – Full specifications are available by clicking on the model number.

ID725 – Nominal Flow Rate – 715cc/min

ID850 – Nominal Flow Rate – 885cc/min

ID1000 – Nominal Flow Rate – 1015cc/min

ID2000 – Nominal Flow Rate – 2225cc/min

*Dynamic flow rates measured at 3 bar (43.5 psi) using VP Racing C16 Gasoline.

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Application specific fitment is handled with the addition of various top hat adapters, and occasional machining operations. Standard fitment exists for most popular applications, and new fitments will be developed on request. We accommodate for all standard length and fuel rails bores

Dynamically Matched Sets

We only sell matched sets, and within each set the dynamic flow rate (slope) will vary no more than +/- 1%, and the dead time (offset) will vary no more than +/- 20 microseconds which is equivalent to +/- 1% at a pulsewidth of 2 milliseconds.

It is this dynamic flow matching across the pulsewidth range that separates the men from the boys.

Tight matching at low pulsewidths allows the use of high flow rate injectors without sacrificing idle, off idle, and cruise quality while the matched offsets insure that the individual injectors respond properly to atmoshperic and voltage compensations built in to the ECU.

Full Dynamic Characterization

We provide the data that you and your ECU need to do the job properly.

Flow and offset values are provided from 8 to 16 volts across the full pressure range in 5 psi increments.

Additionally, we publish full dynamic characterization curves: Raw flow vs pulsewidth, offset corrected flow, linearity curves, and pressure sensitivity plots.

We invite you to ask any of our competitors for the same.