Servicing, MOT & Workshop Pricing

 Servicing, MOT and Workshop Pricing

Here at TopGear Stockport you can be guaranteed great service and great prices on servicing and much more. Our expert technicians are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment and are also trained on the rotary engines like the Mazda RX7 & RX8

Why pay up to 60% more at a main dealership. Do not get stung come to TopGear Stockport where you are guaranteed a warm friendly local garage. who work for you not share holders.

Prices quoted at main dealers are up to 75 percent more expensive than getting your vehicle serviced at TopGear Stockport.

Our technicians are Fully NVQ / IMIAL trained and work to the highest level


  • Compression Testing on Rotary Engines
  • Rotary Housing Resurfacing
  • Rotary Engine builds
  • OBD-II Service & diagnostic equipment
  • Dyno / Rolling Road Tuning and hire
  • Tyre fitting from 12″ up to 24″ wheels
  • Winter Tyres
  • Engine Remapping
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Deletes
  • Fleet / Trade
  • Welding services
  • Custom build projects

Custom built longlife exhaust systems. Chassis preparation and more.

We carry out performance upgrades and modifications, this is where TopGear Stockport built up its superb reputation.

TopGear Stockport offers an affordable quality service we look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Servicing, MOT & Workshop Pricing

The standard labour charge is £60 per hour inc VAT. There is a minimum charge of one hour for any Car / Fault we work on.

Prices listed below are starting from prices all prices inc VAT

MOT’s tested by a third party garage and not on site. Priced @ £55.00 inc a free retest.

Vehicles and engine sizes Oil + Filter


Full Vehicle
Check per hr
Basic Service Medium Service Full Service
Small Displacement Engines up-to 1.3 ltr £50.00 £48.00 £85.00 £120.00 £155
Medium Displacement Engines 1.3 upto 1.8 ltr £55.00 £48.00 £85.00 £120.00 £155.00
Large Displacement Engines 1.8 and higher £60.00 £48.00 £100.00 £130.00 £165.00
V Engines egV6 V8 V12 £60.00 £48.00 £120.00 £165.00  £220.00
Boxer Engines Flat Fours Eg Scoobys £60.00 £48.00 £100.00 £140.00 £185.00
Mazda RX7 & RX8 Servicing 13-B 1300cc / 2600cc £65.00 £48.00  £135.00 £199.00 £249.00
Mazda Rotary Engine Compression tesing 12A , 13Bre , 13Brew , 20B FD3S £65.00 RX8 192, 231 £75.00 FC & FB £55.00 FDUK Memebrs discount call for more info

Due to Annual Holidays any orders placed after the 8/09/2017 will not be processed until 19/09/2017. Dismiss

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