Dyno / Rolling Road


Dyno Developments North West Rolling Road Tuning and Diagnostics

  • The Specs The DD Precision 2WD is a very versatile machine, capable of running any 2WD vehicle.
    • We can run very low power cars up to 1200 Hp drag monsters at the wheels!
    • We can test Cars, Trucks, RV’s, Vans, Racecars and moredynotgs
    • Measure HP, Torque Time, Tractive effort rpm etc
    • Measure AFR / Lambda
    • Automatic weather station Air Temperature Correction
    • Measure vacuum / Boost
    • Thermocouple / EGT channels
    • Built in Knock detection
    • Measure RPM direct from engine / Roller speed
    • Ramp Mode for Power Graphing
    • Steady State mode for fine engine tuning
  • The Capabilities

    Combined, the equipment is able to measure, in real time, the engine torque, air intake temperatures, turbo boost pressures and the air/fuel ratio and EGT. BHP is also calculated and corrected. All of this means that we can find ways to tweak the engine for maximum power output or for just better fuel economy, We can analyse faults that are only apparent when driving under load, in ways that ordinary Garages can not. The dyno will handle 2WD cars up to and over 1200 bhp,

  • Pricing

    TGS Tuning – Dyno pricing

    Power runs are available throughout the week, weekends and some late nights. Whether you want to simply check your cars actual output or if you think your vehicle has a suspected issue and you wish to test it, we can help. A power run actually consists of 3 power runs which gives us consistent feedback from the car. This feedback comes in the form of a dyno graph which you get to keep. the dyno operator will then go through the graphs with you and, if required, will offer advice on what to do next.

    • Power run (3 runs) = £50.00 inc vat Public and Trade
    • Power League nights = £40.00 inc vat Public and Trade call to book as places are limited on these nights
    • Club Days Welcome = £40.00 inc vat minimum of 10 cars

    Hiring the dyno. If you have your own preferred mapper, or you wish to carry out you own research and development. Then why not hire our facilities and do it in a safe environment? Hiring the dyno can be done on an hourly basis and a dyno operator is included in the fee.

    • £95 inc Vat Public Min of 3 hours booking
    • £85 inc Vat Trade Min of 3 hours booking

    Events, Shows. We can bring the dyno to you, if you have a show or event and wish to hire the dyno please contact us direct on 01614948343 or email dyno-hire@tgstuning.co.uk

    TOP-End Power League Nights:

    TopGear Stockport will be hosting the Top-End Power League. This happens every first Thursday of the month where we open until 8.00pm.



  • Forced induction petrol Class
  • Naturally aspirated Class
  • Diesel Class
  • Race fuel Class and Drag cars


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