DriftWorks @ TGS-Tuning UK Dealer Since 2010

Driftworks LTD has grown from being run out of a tiny spare room in Phil’s house, into a multi-million pound business based in the UK. The Driftworks team and business keeps growing and we now design and sell some of the most advanced components for drift and track cars you can buy off the shelf. We pride ourselves on exceptional, friendly and knowledgeable customer service plus lightening fast international shipping.

Our suspension parts are used on competition winning cars across the world. Including the UK, Formula D in the USA and D1 in Japan.

We have the full line up of suspension parts on offer in our online store for world-wide Delivery

Our Drift Team

The Driftworks Drift team is one of the most successful drift teams in Europe. Headed by company director Phil Morrison,who has 2 championship titles and a host of runner up finishes in professional level. Our stable includes cars such as the world famous DW86, a V8 powered monster AE86 Corolla, various development and practice cars and the DW 1JZ 560bhp Nissan Skyline.

At the end of it all though, we’re all enthusiasts and friends who like to have fun in crazy cars. We do this for the love of it, and we hope that’s reflected in our business.