Spark Plug Insulator

Spark Plug Insulator



Spark Plug Insulator

  • Spark Plugs Boots offer the same high temperature protection in an easy slip on sleeve that will extend the life of expensive spark plug wires by protecting them where they need it most at the boot.
  • Just slip these 20mm diameter double thickness (triple thick at the sewn end) sleeves over any spark plug cable and boot (even right angle boots) to protect them from engine temperatures up to 650°C.
  • Once installed, the sleeves require no clearance from hot surfaces, and can even rest directly on hot exhaust headers without affecting performance.
  • Spark Plug Boot Sleeves are completely non-conductive, resist all engine chemicals, will not support combustion, and provide an easy, economical solution to the challenge of wire protection in the cramped, high temperature environment of any high performance engine compartment.
  • Thickness 2.2mm, Diameter 20mm, Length 190mm
  • Sold Per 1 Piece

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Black, Blue, Natural, Red

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