Injector Dynamics ID1700x RX7 TopFeed 14mm

Injector Dynamics ID1700x RX7 TopFeed 14mm

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Basic Specifications

Nominal Flow Rate – 1725cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Iso-Octane at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 7.0 Bar (101.5 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible with Methanol/Ethanol/All Known Hydrocarbon Fuels.
Electrical Connector – USCAR

The ID1700x is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport. The ID1700x was designed to fill the gap between the ID1300x and the ID2000, and like the ID1300x, it features corrosion resistant internals making it compatible with all known automotive fuels.
A unique magnetic circuit, resulting from a lengthy development program, makes the ID1700x immune to voltage and pressure sensitivity problems that plague other high impedance high flow injectors. The ID1700x excels at high pressures typical of current automotive systems, and will perform flawlessly in these applications.

To learn more about the nature and development of this true motorsport injector and its little bro’ the ID1300x, follow this link.

Application Notes

The ID1700x was designed to be an all fuel compatible injector, capable of very high flow rates. As such, it will most often be used to deliver E85 to boosted engines, or occasionally, gasoline in extreme high horsepower applications. Neither of these applications requires extended linearity at low flow rates, and so this was given a proportionately lower priority during the design process.

The ID1700x will deliver flawless stoichiometric idle and cruise mixtures on E85, but like the ID2000, should not be expected to do so on gasoline.

If you need flawless drivability on gasoline, the ID1300x will provide this, and is capable of approximately 150hp per injector on E85.

Pricing is per pair of injectors, these injectors are matched based on their dynamic flow chracteristics, NO other company can provide such flow matched injectors. This insures that each injector is flowing the same amount through its duty cycle. Most importantly each combustion chamber receives the same precise fuel quantity to create matching afr values.

Supplied with preassembled injector clips with tails for easy installation into your existing wiring harness.

These injectors are top feed and will require a new secondary fuel rail for installation.

This kit is Ordered Direct from the supplier and requires 10 working days for delivery.

ID1700 Dynamic Flow Data

Fuel Pressure Offset Slope
(psid) (µsec) (cc/min)
8 Volts 10 Volts 12 Volts 14 Volts 16 Volts
43.5 2745 1740 1260 975 800 1725
45.0 2805 1760 1275 980 805 1760
50.0 3050 1835 1320 1020 830 1855
55.0 3330 1915 1375 1065 855 1950
60.0 3610 2000 1430 1110 885 2040
65.0 3895 2090 1490 1150 920 2125
70.0 N/A 2180 1545 1195 960 2205
75.0 N/A 2270 1605 1235 995 2285
80.0 N/A 2365 1670 1275 1025 2360
85.0 N/A 2455 1730 1315 1055 2435
90.0 N/A 2555 1785 1355 1085 2505
95.0 N/A N/A 1845 1400 1120 2575
100.0 N/A N/A 1900 1440 1155 2640

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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