SHIELDTEX Heat Shield Tape (AB)

SHIELDTEX Heat Shield Tape (AB)

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SHIELDTEX Heat Shield Tape (AB)

  • SHIELDTEX/780AB/100/3 differs from standard reflective heat shield tape in anumber of ways.
  • It has a higher than average 20μ micron aluminium foil face making it extremely durable and resilient even after repeated manipulation during fabrication.
  • The adhesive used to laminate the foil to the glass is a special HT silicone rather than acrylic, enabling the temperature resistance to increase from 180°C to 250°C. E Glass base cloth resistant to 550°C.
  • This in turn greatly reduces the chance of the foil cracking or delaminating from the glass substrate.
  • Furthermore, unlike standard heat shield tape, the base glass fabric is lightly impregnated with a black flame resistant PU coating to prevent fray when CNC machine cutting and fabrication.This ensures a clean cut and a professional finish.
  • Tested to DIN EN ISO 6491 B.
  • A high temperature adhesive backing has been applied so the product can be adhered to clean surfaces.
  • This must not be adhered to hot surfaces e.g. exhausts as the adhesive would fail or ignite. It is only designed for “radiant heat” deflection.
  • Sold Per 3m Coil

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm

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