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G4+ Thunder ECU – our latest Engine Control Unit with more of everything.
Using the same pinout for the A & B connectors giving seamless upgrading from our other ECUs, the Thunder has two additional connectors (C & D) for increased capacity. This is the ECU for your high end applications requiring maximum performance, flexibility and tuning control, with the same sleek profile of our other “black” G4+ ECUsRequires “A” & “B” looms and, if needed, C & D connector kits.

Direct Injection? You need Force GDI



Shipped locked and must be enabled before use. This increases security of shipping and provides information on when an ECU is first used for warranty purposes. Add “A” & “B” Looms if required and, if needed, C & D connector kits.

Some of the Great New Features:


    • 3 Axis Accelerometer

– Lateral G (cornering)- Longitudinal G (acceleration / braking)- Vertical G


    • K-type Onboard Thermocouple Inputs

– High accuracy for high temperature situations e.g. exhaust gas temperature sensing

  • Digital Wideband Onboard (competitors are all analogue)
  • E-throttle Controllers – for engines that have two electronic throttle bodies
  • Knock Control Inputs – monitor each bank on a V engine


    • Digital Inputs
        – Six can be differential reluctor (speed sensor) – ABS wheel speed sensors
    • Analogue Inputs

– Temperature- Pressure- Position


      • Auxiliary Outputs

– Lights, solenoids, gauges, switches, relays etc


  • Full motorsport features
  • All Fury features

– Peak & Hold
– 100 channels of user variable logging
– Sequential gearbox control etc.


  • Fast tuning with keyboard driven commands
  • Six hundred pages of help on “right-click”
  • Powerful logging analysis built into PCLink
  • Tabbed, user configurable layout


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm

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