LM-2/MTX Serial Patch Cable

LM-2/MTX Serial Patch Cable

£25.00 £20.83 TAX FREE


LM-2 Serial Patch Cable makes the LM-2 MTS Compatible (LC-1, LC-2, LMA-3, DL-32, SSI-4, TC-4). Four pin Molex to serial 2.5. *Not included with LM-2 kit*

Supplier : Innovate Technology

Part Number : 3812
Molex 4 pin to 2.5mm patch cable allows you to mate the newer style serial connector (Molex 4 pin) to the older style used in the LC-1, LMA-3, DL-32, SSI-4, and TC-4. This will allow you to daisy-chain multiple Innovate Motorsports devices for data logging or real-time viewing with the LogWorks software.

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Weight 2 kg

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