FFE EMAP (Exhaust Manifold Pressure) Canister

FFE EMAP (Exhaust Manifold Pressure) Canister

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FFE EMAP (Exhaust Manifold Pressure) Canister

Running an Exhaust Manifold Pressure Sensor or EMAP sensor gives a unique insight into the dynamics of a running engine, especially one that is turbocharged.

By monitoring EMAP we can determine the following:

– Backpressure before the turbine to help size the turbo

– Efficiency of the motor (MAP/EMAP)

– If tuned for MAP/EMAP based efficiency the turbocharger can be changed without requiring a retune.

However, running a pressure sensor on the exhaust requires a few considerations to keep the sensor accurate and reliable.  We need to keep heat, carbon build-up, and pressure spikes in check. Three feet or 1 meter of hardline (SS preferred) before the canister gives enough volume for the exhaust gases to cool to a reasonable temperature. Then the FFE EMAP canister’s SS wool acts as a muffler and filter to keep carbon buildup from clogging your critical sensor.  In addition, our canister has a built-in pressure damper to filter out nasty pressure spikes which could kill a sensor and effect the sensor’s measurement.  The body is anodized aluminum and is fully rebuildable for long life in the harsh environment.


6061-T6 anodized aluminum

18-8 stainless steel hardware

Stainless steel wool packing

Stainless sintered pressure dampening insert

Completely cleanable and rebuildable

Ends tapped for 1/8″ NPT

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm

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