Rotary Rotor Housing Resurfacing

Rotary Rotor Housing Resurfacing

£189.00 £157.50 TAX FREE


  • We are NOT  adding new material to the housings. We are refurbishing or refreshing the existing hard chrome surface.
  • We supply OEM Main Dealers around the world contact us for trade accounts
  • PRICING INFORMATION: As of Jan, 2016 (01-01-16) the standard PRICING per rotor housing is £189.00
  • with the customer paying for the shipping to and from TGS Tuning . Please do not send dirty, greasy housings or there will be an additional £25 “Cleaning Fee”.
  • Our refurbishing process greatly improves scratches, scoring, gauling and flaking edges. Our process provides a relatively flat, uniform housing surface for your new seals to break-in to.
  • In most cases the amount of material removed to achieve these “like new” results is relatively insignificant.
  • If you are unsure if your housings are candidates for our refurbishing process please send photos and description to
  • However, if we receive housings that we consider to be beyond repair with our process, we will notify you before any work is done.
    We provide our housing refurbishing service on all models and vintages of rotor housings.


Please be advised that we can no longer offer free shipping at check out please do not click free shipping at checkout otherweise we will have to contact you for shipping payment! this is a return shipping price

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 15 cm

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