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Dyno Power League

Top-End Power League Tables Updated 2/6/2017

Hi Guys Here are the Power League Results RWD Petrol Class Turbo 1. Craig Baxter Mazda RX7 545.6HP / 597.5NM… 2. Matt Bell BMW 335 416.2HP / 473.5NM 3. John Howden Merc CLK55 344.1HP / 723.2NM 4. M Dench BMW Z4 347.9NP / 492.3NM 5. Dom Barnes Mazda RX7 306HP / 399.2NM 6. Nathan Leech […]

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Top-End Dyno Power league Day 28/07/2016

Thats right guys and girls its that time of the month again where you get the chance to take on some of the fastest cars of manchester and land a place on the Top-End Power League board. For £40.00 inc vat you get 3 power runs along with a print out. We run all day […]

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