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Adaptronic Modular shopping list

Hi Guys i get asked a lot what do i need to run the Adaptronic ecu system in my FD3 RX7, well to make life easy for everyone i have put together a list of the items needed for a full install. pricing correct at time of publish due to exchange rates pricing is always […]

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World Class Suspension A United Kingdom company, Nitron develop and manufacture race and road suspension systems for race teams and tuners around the world.   Highly respected all around the world for their range of premium race suspension systems for motorsport or the ultimate road experience. Utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies within our high […]

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Dyno Power League

Top-End Power League Tables Updated 2/6/2017

Hi Guys Here are the Power League Results RWD Petrol Class Turbo 1. Craig Baxter Mazda RX7 545.6HP / 597.5NM… 2. Matt Bell BMW 335 416.2HP / 473.5NM 3. John Howden Merc CLK55 344.1HP / 723.2NM 4. M Dench BMW Z4 347.9NP / 492.3NM 5. Dom Barnes Mazda RX7 306HP / 399.2NM 6. Nathan Leech […]

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DAVIES CRAIG Water Pump EWP kits listed on the webstore

Davies Craig is the Market leader in Electric water pumps for the automotive industry. TopGear Stockport have tried and tested many of the pumps on offer from Davies Craig for over 5 years in different applications Road, Track and bench testing we are now pleased to offer this systems to buy from our online store […]

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