Adaptronic New Modular ECU NOW @ TGS Tuning UK

by Andy Wyatt (Adaptronic ECU)


We are excited to introduce Adaptronic’s new modular ECUs

Adaptronics new modular ECUs are classified into two: wire-in ECUs and plug-in ECUs. Wire-in ECUs are generally universal type ones that can be use for a wide variety of cars. Wire-in ECUs includes the M2000 and M6000 while plug-in ECUs are specialized units where in the ECU connector matches the ones it came from factory (or “stock” as we call it here). Adaptronic makes plug-in ECUs for the famous cars that we support like the RX7s, Skylines, and a lot more. Features and specifications for these ECUs are display on the table above. For better understanding we will go through each modules capabilities.

First module is the control board which very ECU has to have one of this. Control board has the following:

1. Input Module – All modular ECUs have

  • 4 MAP sensors inputs – ECU actually has 2 built in MAP sensors, and you can run to external MAP sensors as well.
  • 2 TPS inputs
  • 4 temperature inputs (fuel, air, oil and coolant)
  • 2 liquid pressure sensor inputs (oil and fuel pressure) so oil and fuel pressure and the fuel pressure actually isn’t just use for monitoring it actually goes into injector model in the ECU so the ECU has the table for flowing dead time against fuel pressure and can automatically condense it if you like for change in fuel pressure and this means that fuel MAPS end up in looking very smooth like what it is supposed to look like
  • 2 analogue O2 sensors
  • 1 servo motor position input
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 1 vehicle speed sensor input where you can enable and disable
  • 1 knock input
  • 3 crank angle sensor inputs which are all digital, the third can be use as flex power input
  • 2 spare analogue inputs

2. Communication Module – All modular ECUs have

  • 1 CAN channel; except for M6000 which has 2 CAN channels
  • 4 serial port (2 in and 2 out) so that you can use for example a wideband (or two) in one port and EGTs in another
  • 1 USB micro port for direct mass storage
  • Wifi

The other module is the output module. Output module has the following

  • 8 ignition outputs
  • 8 injector outputs
  • 4 auxiliary outputs
  • 1 knock phone out for headphones
  • 1 EFI relay/ fuel pump output
  • 1tacho output

The injector outputs are current controlled switching type, any unused injector outputs can be configured as auxiliary outputs. The ignition outputs can be configured to auxiliary output as well. And the auxiliary output can drive high or low and everything is PWM capable.

Since these ECUs are expandable and upgrade process is fairly pain free people will no longer find themselves trapped between buying an ECU that’s too much to what they need now and over spending or buying an ECU that’s just enough for what they want now which then limits  their options in the future.

Maximum output can be achieved by purchasing additional modules. We have small module and large modules. Below are the details for the numbers and type of modules each ECUs should have when people wants expansion of output.

Plugin ECUs –

  • Skyline can have 1 small module
  • RX7 S6 can have 2 small module
  • RX7 S8 can have 1 small module and 1 large

Wire-in ECUs

  • M2000 can have 1 small module
  • M6000 can have 2 large and 4 small modules

For further information just click over the picture of ECU/s and it will direct you to Adaptronic’s dedicated product page.

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