Adaptronic Modular shopping list

Hi Guys i get asked a lot what do i need to run the Adaptronic ecu system in my FD3 RX7, well to make life easy for everyone i have put together a list of the items needed for a full install. pricing correct at time of publish due to exchange rates pricing is always moving.

Ok shopping list to support 500+ HP

ECU I will list two options pnp and wire in and this is my reason why.  Unless you buy a new engine loom from Mazda which you can still do then no doubt it will have seen better days and really my advise is to replace the engine loom or my favorite option is the wire in units like the M2000 or M6000 and make your own loom with the help of the 2.5 mtr flying loom. you can get pins from RS Components and use your connectors from the old loom.

M2000 Wire in 

Adaptronic Modular M2000

M6000 Wire in 

M6000 Modular ECU

M2000 Fly 2.5 mtr loom

Modular M2000/M6000 2.5m primary loom

RX7 pnp there is two units the early type and later type if you go this route please make sure you pick the correct year unit for your car

 late 96 onward cars

Early 92-95 cars

Sensors needed for the ecu

2x pressure sensors

Adaptronic 150 psi Oil / Fuel Pressure Sensor

MTX patch cable

LM-2/MTX 4ft Patch Cable, 4pin to 4pin Modular to wideband cable

2x EGT Sensors made in the UK soley for TGS Tuning with a 2 meter stainless steel over braid cable 


TGS EGT Probe (Type K) 2mtr stainless steel


Innovate TC-4 Plus


Innovate MTx-l Wideband 

MTX-L PLUS: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit (3 Ft.)

or if you don’t want a gauge then use the lc-2 

LC-2: Digital Wideband Lamda O2 Controller Kit

if you have two used fd fuel temp sensors you can use these for fuel temp and oil temp if not then buy 2x of the following.

Adaptronic Liquid Temp Sensor Coolant / Oil / Fuel

Mac Valve 3 port if you don’t already have one or use external boost control upto you.

Adaptronic Boost Control Solenoid 3 Port


4x AEM smart coils these will run in direct fire now on this ecu and not wasted spark like the pfc. X4

AEM High Output IGBT Inductive -Smart- Coil

Leads for use with AEM smart coils MSD 8.5 price dependant on length x4

MSD Custom made 8.5 Super Conductor lgnition leads Custom Specs


If you don’t already have fuel rails then you will need them. Ive not priced them as I m not sure what size line you are using

Prime rail

13B-REW Light Primary Fuel Rail

Sec rail

13B-REW Light Secondary Fuel Rail


ID 1050X 


Injector Dynamics ID1050x RX7 TopFeed 14mm

ID 1700x 


Injector Dynamics ID1700x RX7 TopFeed 14mm

or you can use the ID2000 but I tend to use the newer 1700x now as these can be used with all fuels.



You can use the standard system but for high boost high rpm engines it is advisable to switch out to the FFE trigger wheel and use one of your existing OEM mag sensors.

FD Trigger Mag


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