Longlife Custom Exhausts

Topgear Stockport is one of only three centres in the network to hold the 'centre of excellence' status. This status, amongst other things, demonstrates our consistent high level of customer service and quality of work

When you invest in a Longlife stainless steel exhaust you are drawing on the expertise of a dedicated team with over 30 years experience in the exhaust industry. Our unparalleled knowledge of vehicles of all shapes and sizes will allow us to interpret exactly what you want from your vehicle’s exhaust system and build it exactly to your specification.
We manufacture our own tailpipes in our overseas manufacturing facility (we also supply most of the leading names in the industry with their tailpipe designs as well!) and also manufacture our own silencers in house. This unique independence puts us at the forefront of custom build exhaust design and manufacture. When it comes to quality, think Longlife!

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TopGear Tuning UK

Top Gear Tuning is leading the way in engine remapping, setting new high standards in the remap and tuning industry. We use the latest state of the art tuning equipment and the latest in software development.
Since 2006 we have been offering the very best service in the tuning industry.
All tunes are bepoke and custom writen on our 1200hp+ Dyno Developments Rolling Road.
Whether it's Performance, Economy, EGR Delete, DPF Delete or Speed limiter removal. here at TGS Tuning we are experts at giving you exactly what you are looking for.

Why Remap your engine?
The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a small computer which runs the engine and controls ignition timing, air/fuel mixture and many more parameters. These variables are displayed as a 'map' and can usually be modified via On Board Diagnostics (OBD), We can also offer AntiTune, tricore, locked maps same day.

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Online Store

We offer a wide range of tuning products and fabrication parts.


All Payment are processed via PayPal and shipped with full tracking.

Products are always being added daily so keep checking back or call if you need somthing you cant find on the website. 01614948343

The TGS Range of products are made on site here in the UK and built to the highest standards.

Why Buy From Us?

When you buy from TGS your supporting local and small business. Most of the product we sell are made on site from UK steels and Alloys We always aim to have 100% customer satisfaction

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Mazda RX7 FD3S Exhaust systems ready for mail order

Available for worldwide shipping we now offer the following systems mail order. just vist the web store for more info 3″ Bore 76mm / 4″ Dolphin tip rear exhaust system 3″ Bore 76mm Silenced midpipe 3″ Bore 76mm Decat pipe / race pipe / test tube 3.5″ Bore 89mm / 4″ Slash cut tip rear

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